Emily Bludworth de Barrios



Women, Money, Children, Ghosts. Chapbook of poems. 56 pages. Sixth Finch. 2016. 

Splendor. Book of poems. 104 pages. H_NGM_N Books. 2015.                                                                                                                                               

Extraordinary Power. Chapbook of poems. 21 pages. Factory Hollow Press. 2014.

Poems Online:

B O D Y (1) Your failure / feels treacherous inside you.

B O D Y (2) As if you were a famous and celebrated painting.

B O D Y (3) The cars on the freeway make a gentle windy sound.

B O D Y (4) It is sad / When the brilliant thoughts look cheap or brittle in the light of day

B O D Y (5) A person is a device / For storing information across time

Clinic  When the bad thing really happens / you have to figure out a way to decide / that it is not actually bad.

Columbia Journal The culture / invented a flat vivid world to sink into

Gulf Coast A year that felt like billions / could later feel cool, as stone feels cool // Scattered every which way (like breath)

The Harvard Review Take care lest you become a problem

Incessant Pipe in all this / millennia this is your / one time to occur

Jellyfish (As if love were a perpetual garland ringing out over beautifully photographed landscapes.)

Matter You almost love the things you own.

The Nervous Breakdown To be pastel or aqua / or an intense and antique blue

New Delta Review I bought some expensive candles / to make us feel rich

Northern New England Review A wonderful thing about language is to rest your fevered forehead against its cool marble face and know that something was meant…….

Philadelphia Stories My husband lies beside me / like archaeological time.

Route Nine Death being an irrevocable no. // The point at which progression stops.

Rusted Radishes: Beirut Literary and Art Journal Years from now. We’re already inside the memory.

Sixth Finch (1) We lay down as if to die or sleep / in a thicket of desires

Sixth Finch (2) The economy lies / Lightly or tightly // On the Earth / Like a wreath

SPECS You with your list of worries / smoldering. // Might as well / say goodbye to the realistic world.

Tender Now that we are trying to get pregnant / A zygote continuously divides in my abdomen

UCity Review To / live among the technology and materials of the dead // Their / many contributions // jingling / from the sky

Poems in Print:

Emrys Journal

Forklift, OH

The Found Poetry Review

The Hollins Critic 


The Pinch