Emily Bludworth de Barrios


Women, Money, Children, Ghosts (poetry, 56 pages, Sixth Finch, 2016)

Selections from Women, Money, Children, Ghosts available online:

B O D Y (4)B O D Y (5)Columbia Journal, H_NGM_NJellyfishThe Nervous BreakdownNew Delta ReviewSixth Finch (1), Sixth Finch (2)

Splendor (poetry, 104 pages, H_NGM_N Books, 2015) [out of print]

Selections from Splendor available online:

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Rain TaxiFree Press HoustonThe Los Angeles Review

In Splendor—Emily Bludworth de Barrios’s debut poetry collection—the spare, fragmentary, and often cyclical lyric dominates the internal struggles of a speaker who has to confront the gulf between privilege and necessity. With poem titles that often act as elaborate prefaces to the speaker’s mental state, and finely wrought couplets in short, direct lines that tend to recursively loop words and language, Splendor lends itself well to a self who is self-critical and yet self-forgiving. In its summation, this collection offers a taste of a biting human psyche.

Alyse Bensel, in her review at The Los Angeles Review


Incessant Pipe"My Tribe" Interview SeriesThe Nervous Breakdown


Extraordinary Power (poetry, 21 pages, Factory Hollow Press, 2014)

Review at The Poetry Question

It’s a guide-book. It tells you to look at your anxiety, your fear of what success might feel like, your willingness to stay status quo. It’s imploring you to be more than you already are, and reminding you that the future isn’t futile.

—The Poetry Question